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CSL is founded upon the spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, which has helped millions of people find freedom from drugs, alcohol, and other self-destructive behaviors. With homes located in Phoenix and Scottsdale, all very close to step meetings and fellowship recovery halls, residents receive ample opportunity to partake in the intensely populated sober community that exists throughout the metro area.

Supportive Housing Works. The primary mission of Clean and Sober Living is to provide a quality housing environment to chemically dependent adults, to provide a safe drug and alcohol free home and to help residents in their goal to return to responsible living.

Making Recovery difficult, if attainable at all. The value of alcoholics and addicts actively supporting each other is widely recognized as having a substantial benefit towards achieving and maintaining long term sobriety. The Clean and Sober living residents make a minimum day commitment to live in our fully furnished and equipped homes.

Usually residents continue to reside at their CSL Home well beyond the initial commitment. We believe our brand of transitional sober housing provides residents with a strong model for maintaining sobriety now and in the future.

CSL provides the environment, the structure, and the tools necessary to achieve lasting sobriety at an affordable price.

The Camelback Recovery Integration Process

BOB — THOM — Or Send an Email Now. Arizona Clean and Sober Living. Go to CSL Sober Homes. Supportive Housing Works The primary mission of Clean and Sober Living is to provide a quality housing environment to chemically dependent adults, to provide a safe drug and alcohol free home and to help residents in their goal to return to responsible living. AzRHA accomplishes this goal by promoting the development and quality operation of recovery based residential services.

Being a founding member of this organization means our homes are of the highest caliber and have passed a rigid inspection process ensuring proper safety, structure and most importantly a passion for helping people in recovery. Clean and Sober Living is about quality. Because Arizona Clean and Sober Homes are a network of five quality residences, an exemplary maintenance program is in place.

CSL adheres to the quality guidelines and inspection programs of AzRHA and assures repairs, regular maintenance and site improvements are managed system wide.Getting away from the ugly reminders of your addictive past is a critical step in the right direction. But moving alone is not enough. Typical sober living homes are just homes away from homes.

The Sobriety Experience is a way of life designed especially for you to succeed in your recovery. Sobriety Experience offers beautiful upscale sober living homes in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, where people can recover.

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We are in close proximity to intensive outpatient programs IOP12 step meetings, and transportation. Sobriety Experience provides a highly structured and supportive sober living environment.

Here you will find a sense of community that is recovery based and the peace of mind to grow in your journey. Sobriety Experience staff has not only traveled the road from addiction to recovery, but each one has come through the Sobriety Experience as clients themselves. That said, we know from experience what individuals need to grow in their recovery and maintain long-term sobriety. As we grew in our personal recovery, our friendship strengthened and a vision came to us to be able to help more addicts and alcoholics in their recovery by offering a quality sober living program.

By drawing on the years of our own individual recovery as well as our work within the recovery field, our personal and professional experiences culminated into establishing the most effective sober living program for those seeking how they too can develop long-term sobriety. In providing sober living in the Scottsdale area, the passion to serve others has been the driving force behind becoming the best sober living option in all of Arizona.

Learn More. Check it Out. AZ Recovery Residences.

sober living arizona

Addiction Treatment Resources. Blog Subscribe. Privacy Policy. User Rating.Sanctuary Recovery Centers vision is to serve people seeking help with addiction, regardless of their financial situation. When a loved one asks for help, we believe they should get it today!

Sanctuary Recovery Centers offers affordable, welcoming sober living homes for men and women who have the sincere desire to live in a supportive recovery environment as they practice and develop their sober lifestyle and continue to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.

Residents will increase their personal skill levels in the areas of:. Residents get the support and tools needed to transition back into society while renewing responsibilities to themselves, their families and their community. Drug abuse treatment plans not only help addicts detoxify in a safe environment but also assist them through all stages of the recovery process. We offer a road map to find an inpatient drug rehab center for people struggling with the financial, physical and emotional cost of addiction.

Finding the perfect treatment is only one phone call away! No matter how hopeless you may feel, Sanctuary Recovery Centers can help you have a fresh start. How Do I Qualify. Sign Up Today.

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Consult With A Therapist. Safe, Loving, Warm, Community.Currently, the state is experiencing an opiate epidemic the whole nation is suffering as well. This is no wonder as Arizona is just miles away from the Mexican border and near a Mexican state named Sonora.

Sober Living Home in Phoenix, AZ

These places are prominent as a hub of drug trafficking. Opioids are drugs that produce morphine-like effects that relieve pain. It includes heroin, which is the illegal drug that mainly dominates the drug problem in Arizona. If this trend goes on untilArizona may be facing 1, opioid deaths every year with half of the cases resulting from heroin abuse.

The governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, declared a statewide health emergency due to the devastating rise of people with drug addiction and its effects.

In fact, last the state created a Substance Abuse Task Force in the hopes of solving the current drug problem in Arizona. He aims to educate individuals in Arizona about the issue and give them information on how to help someone with an addiction to avoid further destruction.

sober living arizona

Aside from Mexico, these drugs also come from home laboratories drug dealers and users put up in their backyard or kitchen. This makes addressing the problem even harder. Cocaine users in Arizona use crack cocaine. The general users of cocaine are adults aging from 31 to 40 years old. It can be bought in the borders of Mexico. Compared to the other drugs, this is what teenagers try at first.

There has been a debate about marijuana being harmless and even cures some ailments. This is an addiction often neglected by many. Many drug addicts who use heroin and other drugs drink alcohol as well. It is the most used substance all over the state.

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In fact, one in four residents of Arizona may have binge drinking over the past 30 days. People who suffer from drug or substance addiction needs to go through a rehab process which includes detox and recovery. All Rights Reserved Handcrafted with by ImPowered. Toggle navigation Soberliving. On an estimate, there are two opioid-related deaths every day. On the reported death statistics, they were mostly adults aging from 45 to Second in the record were the adults aging from 25 to 34 with adults aging in 35 to 44 are close behind.

Causes of Opioid Epidemic Many factors lead Arizona and the whole nation to this opioid crisis. Here are some of them: Instead of using painkillers for a short-term acute pain, people are using it for chronic pain. Misuse of painkillers. Cocaine Cocaine users in Arizona use crack cocaine.Camelback Recovery provides sober living homes in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tucson.

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Our sober living homes and recovery coaching program maintains a structured and supportive environment that promotes long term transformational changes in our clients by focusing on Step fundamentals, human connection, and accountability. At the end of treatment, you feel ready to face life head-on. They need to go to a sober living home.

You need to completely live life differently. You need new eating habits, new sleeping habits, and new exercise and eating habits. You need to learn how to pray, meditate, and do gratitude. You need to develop a foundation or a community of friends and people that you can spend time with who will encourage and support your sobriety, not the opposite. You need an integration process to walk you through these transitional steps. The Camelback Recovery Integration Process is based upon five pillars.

These pillars provide the necessary tools to build new habits and develop new skills during the integration process. This is how you set yourself up for long term sobriety after treatment. Our sober living homes located in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson, Arizona, all provide communities and environments that work together to help you achieve your long-term recovery goals. Our house managers are full-time W2 employees.

197 Sober Living Homes in AZ - Transitional Living Home Arizona

Their full-time job is to facilitate recovery at the home and hold clients accountable to the rules and the requirements of the home. As a preventative measure, we drug test two times per week and we breathalyze randomly two times per week. The reason why we do drug and breathalyzer tests is not because we want to catch somebody drinking or using.

We utilize technology-assisted care with the C. The C. We hold them accountable to work in a 12 step program by tracking when they are:. We know that they go to a meeting because we can see their journey through GPS tracking and they check in on the C.

Sober Living Arizona/ High Standards Recovery

We use GPS tracking as a preventative measure just like drug testing. And if they go to a meeting and check-in and then leave, we can see that they were only at the meeting for a short amount of time. The opposite of addiction is connection. First off, we buy and provide all groceries for you. There are a number of reasons as to why we do this.

sober living arizona

Second, our house managers take pride in preparing gourmet family-style dinners for the residents 5 nights a week to furthermore provide an opportunity to dine together in community. We specify that these dinners are family-style because healthy families are the ultimate community, which is something we want to facilitate in our homes.

As they say, families that eat and pray together are families that stay together.

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On top of preparred dinners, residents have the opportunity to cook and eat breakfast and lunch together if they desire.Bill Martin, Ph. D Questions for our doctor? Ask The Doctor. D Questions for the doctor? This is a comprehensive list of all Sober Living Homes in Arizona. Click on any listing to get detailed information about that Arizona Sober Living Home.

Information contained on this website does not render medical advice. Any drug, Alcohol or healthcare information should not be used for diagnosing or treating any disease or health problem. You should consult your personal health care provider or dial if you have an emergency.

Any personal opinions posted by users on this site do not reflect those of or our authors and contributors. All content editors, authors, sponsors or contributors do not guarantee any posted information for accuracy and will have no liability, responsibility or obligation for adverse consequences, indirect loss or damage alleged to have happened form material on this website.

Again, if you have a medical emergency call immediately and consult your primary physician. Other Services Bill Martin, Ph. Transitional Living Solutions of Tucson, Inc.Advanced Sober Living is a recovery house for men, to assist them in overcoming addiction and to help them transition into a sober, self-sufficient life.

With programs catered to the individual, we help rebuild your quality of life around sobriety, so you can confidently enjoy your days without the impulse of addiction.

Stay as long as you need and get the help you deserve. At Advanced Sober Living, we see addiction for the disease that it is. Our halfway house in Phoenix, AZ is dedicated to taking in men struggling with personal vices like drugs and alcohol, and helping them discover the path to sobriety. At our home, freedom and structure co-exist. We provide a healthy environment that continues the accountability established during a treatment program, but at a less intrusive level. At Advanced Sober Living in Phoenix, AZ, we help our residents battle their addiction at a personal level, through a sense of inclusion.

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We believe the unity we share in the home, as well as the family atmosphere, sets us apart from other rehab programs. Being made to feel like you belong to something greater than yourself is without parallel. This also reinforces our tailored approach to sobriety. Residents are able to attend outpatient treatment, school, work and external meetings. Incentives are offered for maintaining sobriety and achieving milestone goals set in place upon admittance.

Advanced Sober Living welcomes men battling addiction, with tailored recovery programs that lead to healthy sobriety. Contact us today to learn about our amenities and approach to sober living.

sober living arizona


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